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Company manufactures Thin film deposition systems

  • PECVD Deposition systems
  • Electron Beam Deposition systems
  • Ion Beam Deposition Systems
  • HWCVD and Thermal Evaporation Systems
  • Multichamber Systems
  • Thin Film Deposition Applications
  • Automatic Vacuum and Deposition Control

Mecwins has developed a technology to inspect surfaces. The instrument is based on the combination of automated two-dimensional scanning of a laser beam and the acquisition of the reflected laser beam on a photodetector. The association of both allows the reconstruction of the analyzed surface topography Mecwin products are designed aid researchers in many diverse fields,

  • Materials science,
  • Biochemistry
  • Medical diagnosis,
  • MEMS developers,
  • Food science

“Toho Technology provides world-class metrology instruments for Thin Film analysis of Stress, Profile and Thickness. “